• Nesti Dante Amorino Soap - Rose Bouquet gently cleans and nurtures your skin with delicate foam for the feeling of pure relaxation and peace. Made with love and integrity this soap is made from the most naturally active premium ingredients, organic wherever possible.
    • 150g Soap bar.
    • Rose Bouquet scented.
    • Sustainable cultivation and naturally derived.
    • Environment and skin-friendly.
    • Suitable for vegans- No animal ingredients or testing.
    • Free from: petrochemicals, sulphates, synthetic surfactants, parabens, glycols, EDTA, mineral oils and aggressive ingredients.
  • The Nesti Dante Philosophia Collagen shower gel is a necessary part of your daily hygiene. It cleans the skin all over your body gently and carefully and gives it the hydration it needs. Characteristics:
    • washes the skin and gets rid of dirt
    • moisturises intensely
    • nourishes and cares for the skin
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